Jane and Mac Impact

The Jane and Mac "Bay and Bloor Collection" is a proudly PETA Approved Vegan Swimwear Line. This means that we use only sustainable and cruelty free textiles. The collection is 100% handmade in Brazil using only high and eco-friendly options, including a biodegradable with Eco CO2 Control & UV Protection Fabric.
Jane and Mac are proud supports of the Fashion Revolution Movement.
Sustainability is not an option anymore, it is the new way of fashion.
In support of our planet we LOVE animals. 
Each swimwear piece purchased from our "Bay and Bloor Collection" we donate $0.50 per piece to Animal Care NGO's in Brazil. In addition to that, all of our left over fabric from production are used to provide pet bedding cats and dogs to partnered Animal Care NGO's in Brazil.